The Butcher Boy

Irish Repertory Theatre

Francis J. Greenburger Mainstage

Previews Began: July 21, 2022

Opening Night: August 1, 2022

Closing Night: September 11, 2022

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Music: Asher Muldoon

Lyrics: Asher Muldoon

Book: Asher Muldoon

Life is hard for the youthful Francie Brady, who struggles to navigate the narrow streets and narrow minds of an Irish village in the 1960’s. But his eternal optimism and carefree spirit carry him above the dysfunctional family and gossipy town, where he lives in a comic book dreamland with his best friend Joe. When he taunts newcomer Philip Nugent, his uptight mother Mrs. Nugent calls Francie’s family a bunch of pigs. This triggers a violent pig obsession, which grows as Francie’s life falls apart around him.

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Nicholas Barasch                                              Francie Brady
Daniel Marconi                                               Phillip Nugent
Kerry Conte                                                 Mary/Mary/Mary
Andrea Lynn Green                                                              Ma
Scott Stangland                                                                     Da
Michele Ragusa                                                  Mrs. Nugent
Christian Strange                                                  Joe Purcell
Joe Cassidy                                                                            Alo
Teddy Trice                                                                         Pig 1
Carey Rebecca Brown                                                      Pig 2
Polly McKie                                                                        Pig 3
David Baida                                                                        Pig 4

Understudies: Emma Camp (Mary/Mary/Mary/Ma/Nugent/Kathleen/Pig 2/Pig 3), Sam Hartley (Da/Alo/William/Pig 1/Pig 4), Dan Macke (Francie/Joe/Phillip)

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