The Coast Starlight

Lincoln Center Theater

Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

Previews Began: February 16, 2023

Opening Night: March 13, 2023

Closing Night: April 16, 2023

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Playwright: Keith Bunin

A young man armed with a secret that can land him in terrible trouble boards the Coast Starlight, the long-distance train that runs from Los Angeles to Seattle. With the help of his fellow travelers, all of whom are reckoning with their own choices, he has roughly one thousand miles to figure out a way forward.


Mia Barron                                                                             Liz
Camila Canó-Flaviá                                                           Jane
Rhys Coiro                                                                          Noah
Will Harrison                                                                          TJ
Jon Norman Schneider                                                        Ed
Michelle Wilson                                                                Anna

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