The Collision/The Martyrdom

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Theater C

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Opening Night: January 16, 2022

Closing Night: February 5, 2022

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The Collision

Playwright: Nadja Leonhard-Hooper

The Martyrdom

Playwright: Amanda Keating

Translation: Lizzie Fox

The Collision: Sisters Anise, Gudrun, and Gunch spend their days praying, washing clothes, and copying the Bible. When a mysterious object falls from the sky–bringing death, destruction, and…unsettling changes in one of the sisters–they are forced to question: was this God’s work? Or the Devil’s? And what happens when you can’t tell the difference between a pervert and a prophet?

The Martyrdom: How do you solve a problem like Hrotsvitha? More specifically, how do we solve her 10th century comedy about three Christian virgins who triumph over the Devil by accepting their violent, corporeal deaths as a shortcut to eternal happiness with their Celestial Bridegroom? This raucous adaptation is a road trip through the last millennium with the people (and puppets) who have asked themselves this same question – in hopes that someone else might have the answer.


Lizzie Fox                                                     Performer
Halima Henderson                                       Performer
Layla Khoshnoudi                                         Performer
Emma Ramos                                                Performer

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