The Connector

MCC Theater

Newman Mills Theater

Previews Began: January 12, 2024

Opening Night: February 6, 2024

Closing Night: March 17, 2024

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Music: Jason Robert Brown

Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown

Book: Jonathan Marc Sherman

Exploring the media landscape of the 1990s, centering on two journalists working at fictional magazine The Connector. Ambitious Ethan Dobson will do anything for the next big scoop, while Robin Martinez might have to go just as far to stop him.

The Whole World Changed
See Yourself
I’m Watching You
So I Came To New York
The Voice of My Generation
Wind In My Sails
Now What
Help Me Forget Everything
The Western Wall
There Never Was


Scott Bakula                                                   Conrad O’Brien
Max Crumm                                                         Billy Dobson
Hannah Cruz                                                  Robin Martinez
Danielle Lee Greaves                                                    Sheryl
Mylinda Hull                                                        Mona Bland
Jessica Molaskey                                                           Muriel
Fergie Philippe                                                 Tom Henshaw
Eliseo Román                                                Nestor Fineman
Ashley Pérez Flanagan                                            Florencia
Ben Levi Ross                                                    Ethan Dobson
Ann Sanders                                                                Veronica
Michael Winther                                                  Brian Lamb

Understudies: Joanna Carpenter, George Dvorsky, Cedric Lamar, Kyle Sherman

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