The Doctor

Park Avenue Armory

Previews Began: June 3, 2023

Opening Night: June 13, 2023

Closing Night: August 19, 2023

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Playwright: Arthur Schnitzler

Adaptation: Robert Icke

On an ordinary day, at a private hospital, a young woman fights for her life. A priest arrives to save her soul. Her doctor refuses him entry. In a divisive time, in a divided nation, a society takes sides.


Juliet Stevenson                                             Dr. Ruth Wolff
Christopher Osikanlu Colquhoun             Michael Copley
Mariah Louca                                               Rebecca Roberts
Daniel Rabin                                                       Paul Murphy
Naomi Wirthner                                          Roger Hardiman
Doña Croll                                                          Brian Cyprian
Juliet Garricks                                                               Charlie
Preeya Kalidas                                                   Jemima Flint
John MacKay                                                                  Father
Hanna Ledwidge                                                            Drums

Understudies: Jaime Schwarz

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