The Gospel According to Heather

Theatre 555

Previews Began: June 14, 2023

Opening Night: June 22, 2023

Closing Night: July 9, 2023

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Music: Paul Gordon

Lyrics: Paul Gordon

Book: Paul Gordon

Heather Krebs wants a boyfriend, but how can she navigate her way through high school if she might be the new Messiah? A small town in Ohio grapples with politics, religion, and teenage romance in this pop musical.

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Lauren Elder
Badia Farha
Maria Habeeb
Darron Hayes
Jeremy Kushnier
Maya Lagerstam
Katey Segal
Wayne Wilson
Brittany Nicole Williams

Understudies: Armando Gutierrez, Georgia Kate Haege, Sarita Amani Nash, Zach Rand

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