The Hot Wing King

Pershing Square Signature Center

The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre

Previews Began: February 11, 2020

Opening Night: March 1, 2020

Closing Night: March 12, 2020

Rated 0 out of 5
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Playwright: Katori Hall

Ready, set, fry! It’s time for the annual “Hot Wang Festival” in Memphis, Tennessee, and Cordell Crutchfield knows he has the wings that’ll make him king. Supported by his beau Dwayne and their culinary clique, The New Wing Order, Cordell is marinating and firing up his frying pan in a bid to reclaim the crispy crown. When Dwayne takes in his troubled nephew however, it becomes a recipe for disaster. Suddenly, a first place trophy isn’t the only thing Cordell risks losing.


Nicco Annan                                                           Big Charles
Sheldon Best                                                                      Isom
Cecil Blutcher                                                      Everett “EJ”
Korey Jackson                                                              Dwayne
Toussaint Jeanlouis                                                     Cordell
Eric B. Johnson Jr.                                                                 TJ

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