The Hunting Gun

Baryshnikov Arts Center

Jerome Robbins Theater

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: March 16, 2023

Closing Night: April 15, 2023

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Playwright: Yasushi Inoue

Adaptation: Serge Lamothe

Music: Alexander MacSween

Josuke Misugi receives three letters from different women: his wife, his mistress and her daughter. The first is from young Shoko, who just discovered her mother’s affair through the reading of her diary. The second is from his wife Midori, revealing she’s known about the infidelity from the start. And the third is a farewell from Saiko, his lover of thirteen years: ‘By the time you read this, I will no longer be among the living.


Mikhail Baryshnikov                                      Josuke Misugi
Miki Nakatani                                                                 Shoko

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