The Lehman Trilogy

Nederlander Theatre

Original Previews Began: March 7, 2020

Re-Opening Previews Began: September 25, 2021

Opening Night: October 14, 2021

Closing Night: January 2, 2022

Closed Due to COVID-19: March 12, 2020 - September 25, 2021

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Playwright: Stefano Massini

Music: Candida Caldicot

On a cold September morning in 1844, a young man from Bavaria stands on a New York dockside. Dreaming of a new life in the new world, he is soon joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins. 163 years later the firm they establish, Lehman Brothers, spectacularly collapses into bankruptcy, and triggers the largest financial crisis in history. This is the story of a family and a company that changed the world.


Simon Russell Beale                             Henry Lehman
Adam Godley                                        Mayer Lehman
Adrian Lester                                    Emanuel Lehman
Aaron Krohn                                                      Janitor

Understudies: Tony Carlin (Henry Lehman, Janitor), Tom Galantich (Emanuel Lehman), Aaron Krohn (Mayer Lehman)