The Magical Journey of Arlekina

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Opening Night: December 1, 2022

Closing Night: February 5, 2023

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Music: Eden Atias

Lyrics: Eden Atias

Book: Eden Atias

This is the story of Dell’Arte Park, an amusement park that lost its happiness. The Park was originally founded to bring joy and happiness, free of charge and without judgment, to anyone. But today everything is alienated and evil. All Mr. Fire desires is money. But don’t worry… for Arlekina will save the day with innocent happiness and teach us that money is not the most important thing in life.

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Sabrina Rudden                                                          Arlekina
Tyus King                                                                       Mr. Fire
Miranda Holliday                                                Scream Chef
Kent Benwell                                                                 Sir Cop
Eden Atias                                            The Fairy GodMother
Noah Aronson                                                     Smiley Seller
Amy Herzberg                                                     Sean the Kid
Christoph Stocker                                                   DeeDance
Elizabeth Szendrödy                                                    Dancer
Aly Lallay                                                                        Dancer
Lexi Sim                                                                           Dancer

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