The Memory Exam

59E59 Theaters

Theater C

Previews Began: September 3, 2022

Opening Night: September 10, 2022

Closing Night: September 25, 2022

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Playwright: Steven Fechter

Set in a future world when the simple act of forgetting can be fatal, vigilante laws turn neighbors, friends, and colleagues into spies and informants. Three people in their autumn years covertly hire an expert who can coach them for the perilous Memory Exam. Failure is almost all but certain – but the coach has devised a method that depends on how well they can recall the specifics of their most enduring memory no matter how factual or fantastic.


Alfred Gingold                                                                  Hank
Gus Kaikkonen                                                                    Tom
Bekka Lindström                                                                 Jen
Vernice Miller                                                                    Dale

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