The Night of the Iguana

The Pershing Square Signature Center

The Irene Diamond Stage

Previews Began: December 6, 2023

Opening Night: December 17, 2023

Closing Night: February 25, 2024

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Playwright: Tennessee Williams

A defrocked clergyman encounters inside disturbances amid outside disturbances at the Costa Verde Hotel in Acapulco as the world prepares for World War II. After four women of different ages and backgrounds, along with a 97-year-old poet, engage in the clergyman’s spiritual struggles, their lives leap dramatically forward.


Tim Daly                                                              Rev. Shannon
Daphne Rubin-Vega                                                    Maxine
Lea DeLaria                                                    Judith Fellowes
Austin Pendleton                                                          Nonno
Jean Lichty                                                                   Hannah
Carmen Berkeley                                                      Charlotte
Eliud Garcia Kauffman                                                   Hank
Keith Randolph Smith                                                      Jake
Bradley James Tejeda                                                    Pedro
Dan Teixeira                                                                  Pancho
Michael Leigh Cook                                    Herr Fahrenkopf
Alena Acker                                                  Frau Fahrenkopf

Understudies: Christopher Innvar, Tuck Milligan, Dee Pelletier, Alexia Pores, Buzz Roddy

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