The Panic of '29

59E59 Theaters

Theater B

Previews Began: July 23, 2022

Opening Night: July 30, 2022

Closing Night: August 20, 2022

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Playwright: Graham Techler

When the stock market crashes in October 1929, the Roaring Twenties come to a screeching halt, and the lives of people everywhere will never be the same! Dot, the secretary for the VP of the New York Stock Exchange, skips town with a rag-tag band of misfits and embarks on a decades-spanning journey involving financiers, lounge singers, crime novelists, cops, hobos, vigilantes, beekeepers, and even the French. Try as they might, they can’t outrun alternate history in this chaotic reimagining of the Great Crash.


Will Roland                                                Jimmy Armstrong
Olivia Puckett                                                                      Dot
Joyelle Nicole Johnson                                                      Eva
Jaela Cheeks-Lomax                                                      Ingrid
Rachel B. Joyce                                                             Minnie
Julia Knitel                                                    Lady Generosity
Jared Loftin                                                                   Groton
Brian Morabito                                           Richard Whitney
Will Turner                                                           Officer Kent
RJ Vaillancourt                                                             Oswald

Understudies: PJ Adzima, Amber Avant, Devin Kessler, Jacob Presson, Rachel Ravel

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