The Piano Lesson

Walter Kerr Theatre

Previews Began: April 10, 1990

Opening Night: April 16, 1990

Closing Night: January 27, 1991

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Playwright: August Wilson

A battle is brewing in the Charles household. At the center lies the family’s prized heirloom piano. On one side, a brother plans to build the family fortune by selling it. On the other, a sister will go to any length to keep it and preserve the family history. Only their uncle stands in between. But even he can’t hold back the ghosts of the past.


Charles S. Dutton                                         Boy Willie
Rocky Carroll                                                     Lymon
Apryl R. Foster                                                Maretha
Carl Gordon                                                       Doaker
Lisa Gay Hamilton                                              Grace
Tommy Hollis                                                       Avery
S. Epatha Merkerson                                      Berniece
Lou Myers                                                  Wining Boy

Understudies: Danny Robinson Clark (Wining Boy), Samuel L. Jackson (Boy Willie/Lymon), Khanya Mkhize (Maretha), Kim Staunton (Berniece/Grace)

Rosalyn Coleman                                                 Grace

Ernie Scott                                                 Wining Boy

Understudies: John Henry Redwood (Avery, Doaker)


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