The Preacher's Wife

Alliance Theatre

Atlanta, GA

Previews Began: May 11, 2024

Opening Night: May 24, 2024

Closing Night: June 9, 2024

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Music: Tituss Burgess

Lyrics: Tituss Burgess

Book: Tituss Burgess

Azie Dungey

In their fast-gentrifying Harlem neighborhood, Preacher Henry and his wife Julia struggle to keep their congregation going in the face of development. When all seems lost, Henry asks God for help, and receives it in the form of an angel. But will this mysterious newcomer really help or make matters worse? Through it all, Julia must find her voice and the strength to lead their congregation through the crisis, reminding them that a church is not a building, but the people who inhabit it and the love they share.

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Amber Riley                                                            Julia Biggs
Loretta Devine                                    Marguerite Coleman
Rebecca E. Covington                                                 Beverly
Akron Watson                                                      Henry Biggs
Donald Webber, Jr.                                                      Dudley
Alan H. Green                                                    Joe Hamilton
Jahi Kearse                                                        Deacon Lewis
Davis Michael Matthews                                          Hakeem
Cameron McCrae                                                      Jeremiah
Wayne Pretlow                                                             Ol’ Mac
Brad Raymond                                             Deacon Johnson

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