The Secret of My Success

Paramount Theatre

Aurora, IL

Previews Began: February 12, 2020

Opening Night: February 21, 2020

Closing Night: March 12, 2020

Closed Early Due to COVID-19

Rated 0 out of 5
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Music: Michael Mahler

Alan Schmuckler

Lyrics: Michael Mahler

Alan Schmuckler

Book: Steve Rosen

Brantley Foster, a young ambitious midwesterner, moves to New York City to start his dream job at a major corporation, only to be laid off on the very first day. In his relentless enthusiasm to succeed, Brantley finds himself tangled up in a sidesplitting scheme in which he assumes the identity of a rising executive named Carlton Whitfield. As he climbs the corporate ladder, tirelessly concealing his identity, Brantley soon falls in love with a beautiful colleague named Christy and discovers that his definition of success might be all wrong. Will he get the job, win at love or just get caught?

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Melody A. Betts                                     Rose Lockhart
Dara Cameron                                               Ensemble
Brandon Dahlquist                                        Ensemble
Vasily Deris                                                   Ensemble
Kai Edgar                                              Ernie Lockhart
Veronica Garza                                             Ensemble
Carisa Gonzalez                                            Ensemble
Jeremy Peter Johnson                             Piers Johnson
Madison Kauffman                                        Ensemble
George Keating                                             Ensemble
Heidi Kettenring                                    Vera Prescott
Jake Morrissy                                                Ensemble
Sydney Morton                                  Christy Lockhart
Barbara E. Robertson                             Joanne Foster
Camille Robinson                                          Ensemble
Alexis J. Roston                                             Ensemble
Gabriel Ruiz                                             Lester Mann
Haley Jane Schafer                                        Ensemble
Jonathan Schwart                                          Ensemble
Sara Sevigny                                            Sylvia Popkin
Ian Michael Stuart                                 Garth Portnoy
Billy Harrigan Tighe                            Brantley Foster
                                                          Carlton Whitfield
Charles Emery Ward                                    Ensemble
Travis Austin Wright                                    Ensemble

Understudies: Ezekiel Ruiz (Ernie Lockhart)

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