The Streets of New York

Irish Repertory Theatre

Francis J. Greenburger Mainstage

Previews Began: December 4, 2021

Opening Night: December 14, 2021

Closing Night: January 30, 2022

Rated 0.0 out of 5
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Music: Charlotte Moore

Lyrics: Charlotte Moore

Author: Dion Boucicault

Adaptation: Charlotte Moore

A new musical adaptation of Boucicault’s classic Victorian melodrama set in the mid-1800s and follows the changing fates of Lucy and Paul Fairweather, siblings whose fortune was stolen by the corrupt Gideon Bloodgood. Lucy is in love with Mark Livingstone, son of one of the most respectable families in New York.

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Amy Bodnar                                    Susan Fairweather
Amanda Jane Cooper                          Alida Bloodgood
Richard R. Henry                                    Dermot Puffy
David Hess                                      Gideon Bloodgood
Ben Jacoby                                          Mark Livingston
Justin Keyes                                        Brendan Badger
Daniel J. Maldonado                     Patrick Fairweather
                                                                      Duke Vlad
Polly McKie                                                 Dolly Puffy
Jordan Tyson                                               Dixie Puffy
Ryan Vona                                         Paul Fairweather
Price Waldman                                               Edwards
DeLaney Westfall                             Lucy Fairweather

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