The Untitled Unauthorized Hunter S. Thompson Musical

Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre

La Jolla, CA

Previews Began: August 29, 2023

Opening Night: September 10, 2023

Closing Night: October 8, 2023

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Music: Joe Iconis

Lyrics: Joe Iconis

Book: Joe Iconis

Gregory S. Moss

Who was Hunter S. Thompson? He changed journalism. He defined counterculture. Equal parts philosopher, clown and genius, he was armed and dangerous with a typewriter as his preferred weapon. Set to an anarchic and tuneful score, this musical is a rock ‘n’ roll portrait of an artist seeking greatness and coming to terms with his own legacy.


The Opening Number is Indulgent and Perverse
Rich Kids/Driving Through America
The Typewriter Song
Hell’s Angels Theme Song
Paul Getting Beer
I Will Go to Puerto Rico
Steadman’s Song
The Derby
I Love America
Jann Wenner
Freedom Song
Song of the Brown Buffalo

Richard Nixon’s Big Number
I’m in Love with a Man Named George McGovern
Halloween Mask
Hey Dad
The Note


Gabriel Ebert                                        Hunter S. Thompson
George Abud                                                                    Nixon
Jeanette Bayardelle                                                         Jann
Giovanny Diaz de Leon                                               the Kid
Marcy Harriell                                                                 Sandy
Lorinda Lisitza                                                             Virginia
Lauren Marcus                                                    Flower Child
George Salazar                                                                 Oscar
Ryan Vona                                                                          Juan
Jason SweetTooth Williams                                         Ralph
Josiah Cajudo                                                         Puppeteer

Understudies: Summer Broyhill, Josiah Cajudo, Kürt Norby

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