The Wanderers

Laura Pels Theatre

Previews Began: January 26, 2023

Opening Night: February 16, 2023

Closing Night: April 2, 2023

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Playwright: Anna Ziegler

Orthodox Jews Esther and Schmuli are newly married, and their future is written in the laws of the Torah. Secular Jew Abe is a famous novelist who believes he can write his own future…until an unexpected email from a movie star puts his marriage to the test and threatens to prove him wrong.


Sarah Cooper                                                                 Sophie
Lucy Freyer                                                                      Esther
Katie Holmes                                                     Julia Cheever
Dave Klasko                                                                  Schmuli
Eddie Kaye Thomas                                                            Abe

Understudies: Gabrielle McClinton (Sophie), Jed Resnick (Abe/Schmuli), Rachel Zeiger-Haag (Esther/Julia Cheever)

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