Triassic Parq

The Musical

SoHo Playhouse

Previews Began: June 12, 2012

Opening Night: June 27, 2012

Closing Night: August 5, 2012

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Music: Marshall Pailet

Lyrics: Bryce Norbitz

Marshall Pailet

Steve Wargo

Book: Bryce Norbitz

Marshall Pailet

Steve Wargo

The novel and film Jurassic Park told from the perspective of the dinosaurs. A clan of genetically engineered female dinosaurs is thrown into chaos when one of the female dinosaurs spontaneously turns male.

Velociraptor in a Cage
Beautiful Day
Get Out
Love Me as a Friend
Dick Fix
Hello Little Goat
Dick Fix (Reprise)
This Is How the World Ends
Power Ballad
Death of a Velociraptor
We Are Dinosaurs


Lindsay Nicole Chambers             Velociraptor of Science
Brandon Espinoza                                          Mime-a-saurus
Wade McCollum                                  Velociraptor of Faith
Claire Neumann                                                            T-Rex 2
Zak Sandler                                                          Pianosaurus
Lee Seymour                                               Morgan Freeman
Shelley Thomas                                                             T-Rex 1
Alex Wyse                                    Velociraptor of Innocence
Jeremy Yaddaw                                                Percuss-a-don

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