True Stories

Cherry Lane Theatre

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: May 3, 2022

Closing Night: May 22, 2022

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Playwright: Jon Cryer

Linda Manning

Alex Petrullo

Abby Stokes

Steve Wruble

A series of solo shows running in repertory, including Cryer’s personal love letter to theatre, The Actor’s Nightmare; Manning’s chronicle of her own evolution through encounters with dangerous men, Perfect Love; Petrullo’s search for a happily-ever-after, Crave; Stokes’ comedic inquisition into her parents’ swinging ’60s lifestyle, A Good Girl Doesn’t; and Wruble’s journey away from the expectations of his father (who happened to be Elvis Presley’s proctologist), Escape From Daddyland.


Jon Cryer                                           The Actor’s Nightmare
May 10 at 8pm, May 11 at 8pm, May 12 at 8pm, May 13 at 8pm, May 14 at 2pm

Linda Manning                                                    Perfect Love
May 6 at 8pm, May 8 at 2pm, May 14 at 8pm, May 17 at 8pm, May 22 at 2pm

Alex Petrullo                                                                     Crave
May 3 at 8pm, May 7 at 4pm, May 15 at 2pm, May 18 at 8pm, May 20 at 8pm

Abby Stokes                                            A Good Girl Doesn’t
May 4 at 8pm, May 7 at 8pm , May 8 at 5 pm, May 15 at 5pm, May 21 at 2pm

Steve Wruble                                  Escape From Daddyland
May 5 at 8pm, May 7 at 2pm, May 19 at 8pm, May 21 at 8pm, May 22 at 5pm

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