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Previews Began: July 21, 2023

Opening Night: July 25, 2023

Closing Night: August 6, 2023

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Playwright: Charles White

Set in the heady days of late 2008, with the Obama campaign as a backdrop, an upper-middle class African American family wrestles internalized racism, class anxiety, and each other when a sudden job loss and a revelation about their shared past threaten to upend their comfortable lives. Tempers and tensions boil over at a cherished Long Island vacation home that becomes the focal point of an intense family drama.


Leah Finnie                                                      Alice Saunders
Kenya Wilson                                             Deanna Saunders
Adrain Washington                                        Aaron Hughes
Tomike Ogugua                                             Frank Saunders
Gil Tucker                                                              Ben Walters

Understudies: Leslie Dockery

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