When Playwrights Kill

Maxwell M and Ruth R. Belding Theater

Hartford, CT

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Playwright: Matthew Lombaro

The story of Jack Hawkins, an aspiring playwright on the verge of making his Broadway debut. But after being forced to hire the notoriously difficult actress Brooke Remington, his play’s out-of-town tryout in Boston proves disastrous. Unwilling to bring the production to New York and unable to convince the producer to fire her, Jack knows there is only one solution that will save his play and career…Brooke Remington must be stopped!


Jeremy Jordan                                                   Jack Hawkins
Harriet Harris                                          Brooke Remington
André De Shields                            Maurice Khalan Walker
Arnie Burton                                                  Freddie Carlton
Nik Alexander                                             Tobias Deschanel
Irene Sofia Lucio                                                 Liz Jennings

Understudies: Jake Loewenthal, Catherine LeFrere, Darius Wallace

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