Where We Belong

The Public Theater

LuEsther Theater

Previews Began: October 28, 2022

Opening Night: November 9, 2022

Closing Night: November 27, 2022

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Playwright: Madeline Sayet

In 2015, Mohegan theatre-maker Madeline Sayet moved to England to pursue a PhD in Shakespeare, grappling with the question of what it means to remain or leave, as the Brexit vote threatens to further disengage the UK from the wider world. Moving between nations that have failed to reckon with their ongoing roles in colonialism, she finds comfort in the journeys of her Native ancestors who had to cross the ocean in the 1700s to help her people. In this intimate and exhilarating solo piece, Sayet asks us what it means to belong in an increasingly globalized world.


Madeline Sayet

Standby: Emily Preis

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