White Rose

The Musical

Theatre Row

Theatre Three

Previews Began: January 17, 2024

Opening Night: January 25, 2024

Closing Night: March 31, 2024

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Music: Natalie Brice

Lyrics: Brian Belding

Book: Brian Belding

Based upon a true story of a small group of university students who secretly met to write, print, and distribute leaflets exposing Hitler’s lies and Nazi deception.

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Mike Cefalo                                                           Hans Scholl
Sam Gravitte                                               Frederick Fischer
Laura Sky Herman                                            Lila Ramdohr
Kennedy Kanagawa                                   Christoph Probst
Paolo Montalban                               Professor Kurt Huber
Jo Ellen Pellman                                               Sophie Scholl
Cole Thompson                                                       Willi Graff
Cal Mitchell                                                          Max Drexler
Aaron Ramey                                                       Karl Mueller

Understudies: Dani Apple, Pasquale Crociata, Ellis Gage

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