A Musical Becoming

Loeb Drama Center

Cambridge, MA

Previews Began: -

Opening Night: December 5, 2021

Closing Night: December 18, 2021

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Music: Caroline Pennell

Justin Tranter

Eren Cannata

Lyrics: Caroline Pennell

Justin Tranter


Idina Menzel

Book: V

A new musical fable about a single mother struggling to hold on to her family farm and connect with her teenage daughter, whose determination to save the planet endows her and her friends with powers they never knew they had.

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Brittany Campbell                                                  Oak
Deborah S. Craig                                       Mrs. Maybe
Paravi Das                                                            Forte
Luke Ferrari                                                     Possible
Josh Lamon                                                       Mr. Rail
Kingsley Leggs                                        Mayor Maybe
Idina Menzel                                                           Bea
Javier Muñoz                                             Mr. Custom
Michael Williams                                         Bicker Rail
YDE                                                                    Sophia

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