Your Arms Too Short to Box With God

Lyceum Theatre

December 22, 1976 - November 13, 1977

Eugene O'Neill Theatre

November 16, 1977 - January 1, 1978

Previews Began: December 20, 1976

Opening Night: December 22, 1976

Closing Night: January 1, 1978

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Music: Charles Strouse

Lyrics: Lee Adams

Book: Michael Stewart

The Gospel of St. Matthew is retold as a gospel musical, conceived and written by Vinette Carroll.

Musical Numbers

We’re Gonna Have a Good Time
There’s a Stranger in Town
Do You Know Jesus?/He’s a Wonder
Just a Little Bit of Jesus Goes a Long Way
We Are the Priests and Elders
Something is Wrong in Jerusalem
It Was Alone
I Ain’t Had My Fill
Be Careful Whom You Kiss
I Know I Have to Leave Here
It’s Too Late
Judas Dance
Your Arms Too Short to Box with God
Give Us Barabbas
See How They Done My Lord
Come on Down
That’s What the Bible Say
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Can’t No Grave Hold My Body Down
Beatitudes (Reprise)

Didn’t I Tell You
When the Power Comes
As Long As I Live
Everybody Has His Own Way
I Love You So Much Jesus
I Left My Sins Behind Me
On That Day
The Band


Adrian Bailey                                                Performer
Salome Bey                                                   Performer
Deborah Lynn Bridges                                 Performer
Sharon Brooks                                              Performer
Clinton Derricks-Carroll                              Performer
Thelma Drayton                                     Swing Dancer
Sheila Ellis                                                    Performer
Ralph Farrington                                    Swing Dancer
Thomas Jefferson Fouse Jr.                          Performer
Michael Gray                                                Performer
Cardell Hall                                                  Performer
Delores Hall                                                  Performer
William-Keebler Hardy, Jr.                          Performer
The Bobby Hill                                             Performer
Edna M. Krider                                             Performer
Héctor Jaime Mercado                                 Performer
Mabel Robinson                                            Performer
William Thomas, Jr.                                      Performer
Leone Washington                                       Performer
Derek Williams                                             Performer
Marilynn Winbush                                       Performer

Clinton Derricks-Carroll                              Performer
Billy Dorsey                                                  Performer
Dwayne Phelps                                             Performer
Andy Torres                                                  Performer

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