Ziegfeld Follies of 1936

Winter Garden Theatre

Opening Night: January 30, 1936

Hiatus: May 10 - September 13, 1936

Closing Night: December 19, 1936

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Music: Vernon Duke

Lyrics: Ira Gershwin

Book: David Freeman

A bright, witty, tuneful edition of the Ziegfeld Follies. The songs include one of Gershwin’s best-known, “I Can’t Get Started” and some of his funniest lyrics.

Musical Numbers

Time Marches On
He Hasn’t a Thing Except Me
(My) Red Letter Day
(Island in the) West Indies
Words Without Music
The Economic Situation (Aren’t You Wonderful)
Fancy! Fancy!
Night Flight
Maharanee (At the Night Races in Paris)
The Gazooka

(That) Moment of Moments
Sentimental Weather
5 A.M.
I Can’t Get Started With You
Modernistic Moe
Dancing to Our Score


Fanny Brice
Bob Hope
Gertrude Niesen
Eve Arden
Gene Ashley
Josephine Baker (Matinees)
Milton Barnett
Milton Barnette
Vicki Belling
Herman Belmonte
Prescott Brown
Edward Browne
Florine Callahan
Judy Canova
George Church
Stella Clauson
Evelyn Dale
Dorothy Daly
Maxine Darrell
Roger Davis
Nancy Dolan
Tom Draper
Althea Elder
George Enz
Helene Fromson
Thomas Gleason
Vera Haal
Georgia Hiden
Harriet Hoctor
Gay Hoff
John Hoysradt
Stan Kavanagh
Irene Kelly
Lyn Leslie
Elena Marano
Helene Marchand
Duke McHale
Rodney McLennan
Betty McMahon
Mary Alice Moore
Jean Moorhead
Howard Morgan
Jane Moxon
Paul Nelson
Nicholas Brothers
Gertrude Niesen
Hugh O’Connell
Eileen O’Driscoll
Jessica Pepper
Gloria Pierre
Cherry Preisser
June Preisser
Isabel Pulsford
William Quentmeyer
Peggy Quinn
J. Ramos
Erminie Randolph
Frances Rands
J. Sastere
Marion Semler
Thelma Shearon
Didi Skoug
Marlyn Stuart
Ricki Tanzi
Peggy Thomas
Ethel Thorsen
Williem Van Loon
Marie Vanneman
Irving West
Ben Yost

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